The 12 Best Fiber Mascaras That Rival Lash Extensions

I’ve always really liked my long lashes (they actually happen to be my favorite feature), so I’m not entirely sure why I opted to get lash extensions a few years back when I first moved to L.A. I had an arsenal of tried-and-true mascaras I was actually completely satisfied with, but the perpetually curious beauty investigator in me just had to try the buzzy treatment for myself.

Long story short: I kind of hated them. Sure, my lash extensions looked fantastic and they saved me time and effort each morning, but I found that they irritated my eyes. I also had trouble removing the other makeup I liked to wear (like concealer) and was—perhaps irrationally—extremely paranoid I’d contract a horror story–level infection that would cause all of my lashes to fall out forever. (I guess I had watched one too many extension-gone-wrong vides on YouTube.)

So, after only two weeks in, I promptly got my extensions removed and have never looked back. In lieu, I’ve swapped in lots of great mascara formulas—many of which are infused with volume- and length-boosting fibers. As the years have worn on, I’ve noticed a pattern where I receive an influx of lash compliments whenever I’m wearing a fiber-infused mascara, and I’ve even had complete strangers at the gym ask if I had extensions.

Being the mascara fanatic that I am, I’m sharing all of my favorite fiber formulas along with the mascara primers that enhance your lashes even further. Keep scrolling for the 12 best fiber mascaras that’ll convince you to forgo the extensions.

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