Sacramento Kings guests can use ‘smart’ bottles to pour their own drinks

The feature quietly launched in a handful of the Kings’ suites and lofts in January, but it’s now poised to reach all the remaining luxury spaces in the Golden 1 Center in the “coming months.”

It’s easy to level criticisms at the team. While a Kings spokesperson promised to The Verge that bartenders are keeping their jobs, this still reduces the need for serving staff. If you’re not a fan of cashierless stores, this won’t make you feel any better. We’d add that it might come across a somewhat stingy. When you’re paying at least $1,000 for one of these spaces, having to drink precisely measured alcohol seems like penny pinching. Still, the bartenders remain an option if you prefer the traditional experience — you can reserve these semi-smart bottles for those moments when you don’t want to leave your seat.

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