L.A. mayor: ‘Instead of hitting the golf course,’ Trump and Congress should ensure wildfire aid

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Sunday urged an end to partisanship in deciding which states get disaster aid as California and the rest of the West Coast reel from devastating wildfires.

“Whether it’s twin hurricanes on the Gulf Coast or fires here on the West Coast. We’re one nation. And, sometimes looking at the leadership that comes out, it’s easy to forget that,” Garcetti said on CNN’s “State of the Union” ahead of a planned visit to California on Monday by President Donald Trump.

“It’s taken three weeks. I’m glad he’s coming, but we need much more help,” the Democratic mayor went on. “When we have firefighters dying on the line and Washington refuses to help states and refuses to help local governments that are the first responders to emergencies like this, it’s unconscionable.”

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