Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake team up for a funky quarantine remix

The two managed to pull off a “Quarantine Remix” for an at-home episode of “The Tonight Show” using household items.

Both showed off their social distancing musical skills, asking each other if they were, in fact, in their homes.

Fallon called Timberlake from the same space he’s been filming from each night, asking, “Yo, you home?”

Timberlake beatboxed, the two used kitchen utensils for percussion, and they tried on lots of sunglasses. The former boy bander also vacuumed, scrubbed down countertops, and acted bored.

They both stop at one point to harmonize, “I’m home.”

The two chatted afterwards about making the video, with Timberlake telling Fallon he never knew the talk host had the talent of “hand farting.”

“Gross,” he said.

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