6 Spring Vacation Outfits and Exactly What to Pack

It’s that time of the year when my seasonal depression starts itching for a beach vacation. Even if it’s a couple of months off, my spirit thrives off of the idea that a warm-weather escape is on the horizon. But while some people get giddy over planning itineraries, my favorite part about an upcoming getaway is planning exactly what I’m going to wear, down to my socks. 

As a meticulous packer, I enjoy mapping out my outfits well in advance to ensure my entire vacation can feel as carefree as possible. I like leaving my activities up to spontaneity, my outfits less so. So now that I’ve mentally propped open my suitcase, I’m ready to throw together the perfect spring vacation packing list. And where better to find outfit inspo than from those whose style I admire most? Keep scrolling to see the six looks I plan on copying to a T during my next trip.

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