6 Easy Jean Outfits for Compliments

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, so denim is like a second skin for me. It’s safe to estimate that I wear jeans in some form at least six days a week, so by now, I’ve gotten my outfit combination pretty dialed. Even though to me my denim outfits are pretty standard by now, I somehow always manage to garner compliments on them. Maybe I’ve gotten so used to them I stopped noticing their allure, but I now take note of exactly what I’m wearing when someone stops me to tell me they like my outfit.

Since jeans are a staple in the wardrobes of most people I know, I figured these denim looks were worth sharing. From the two-piece miracle outfit I just added to my arsenal last year to the tried-and-true combination I always reach for when I’m running behind, below are my six favorite easy denim outfits that always garner compliments.

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